March Education Night – “How to Create an Environmental Portrait” by your Education Team

Making a portrait of a person in their environment is not the same as a normal portrait. An environmental portrait requires that you pull back some and show that person in their workspace or other environment that is applicable to that person’s life and/or passion.

Robert Rostick, Jim Sykes, and Lynn Wiezycki take you into the art studio of a local artist and show you his environment and then show you several ways to work with the person in their environment to create a portrait that is about the person and what he/she does!

We have created a video showing the techniques and essence of this type of portraiture. We will answer your questions after the video.

So please think about a person or persons who might fit this assignment. Think about the environment they work in and come up with some questions that will help you make a creative environmental portrait!

Reminder: This is our monthly assignment for June’s Exhibit/Comment Night!

Who Should Attend

This type of portraiture is actually closer to what most folks shoot of friends and family! Sometimes we even attempt this while shooting folks we see in our travels. But there are some tricks to getting that really good environmental portrait! This will take your photos, of this type, to the next level!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2023) members on Tuesday.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

I hope to see you at our Education Night on 03/23/2023.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC President

Get Ready for One Day Tampa Bay Camera Club on Saturday, April 1, 2023! Our Next Outing!

This is an outing for ALL our members, no matter where you are! THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!


For 24 hours starting at 12:01 AM April 1 and ending at 11:59 PM April 1, get those cameras out and show us where you are during those 24 HOURS ONLY! Even if you are away from home!! 📷 📲

Also, all members in the Tampa Bay area are invited to not only shoot around where you live specifically but also join us in person at 4:30 PM EDT at Julian B Lane Riverfront Park (map below) across the river from downtown Tampa for a photography outing. There is a lot to shoot along the Tampa Riverwalk, places to eat, and to get ICE CREAM! 🍦🍧


After April 1, please send at least 5 images that best depict where you were on that day! Use the same procedures for these jpeg images as we use for exhibit nights.

Please rename your images to include the place!

Send your images to before 7 PM EDT on April 17th so I can create a slideshow of all our images! Use the SUBJECT: ODTBCC Photos

Let’s celebrate spring and where we live or are visiting!

Any questions, please email me at or ask at the next two Zoom meetings!


Special Presentation – October Education Night – “The Magic of Blue Hour” presented by Jennifer Renwick

Please join us for a special presentation for our October Education Night, Thursday, 10/27/2022. Our guest speaker will be Jennifer Renwick. Her presentation will be “The Magic of Blue Hour”.

Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer is a full-time nature photographer based in Golden, Colorado. She travels the American West with her partner, fellow photographer, David Kingham, in a travel trailer, teaching photography workshops in various National Parks and wilderness areas. While she photographs the landscape, she has a particular interest in photographing natural abstracts and smaller scenes. 
Her work has been featured in various photography magazines, including Landscape Photography Magazine, On Landscape, and Lenswork’s “Seeing in Sixes” photography books.


Summary of the Presentation

The Magic of Blue Hour  

Before the sun rises or sets, the landscape becomes a palette of soft colors and quiet shadows. Many new opportunities come to light during twilight, allowing you the time to maximize your photography outings. In this presentation, Jennifer will talk about her experiences photographing during twilight, go over subjects that lend themselves well to the blue hour, camera settings to capture the magic of twilight, and more!

Some Sample Images

Wildflowers bloom along the washes in the badlands during blue hour.

Who Should Attend

If you shoot or might shoot during the twilight/blue hour, which can be fleeting and tricky, this is for you! Blue hour is one of the most beautiful times to shoot. Jennifer will be showing primarily landscapes including that genre’s more intimate side, but these ideas will apply to other types of outdoor photography, as well.

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 10/27/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

I hope to see you at our Exhibit/Comment Night on 10/20/2022 and at our Education Night on 10/27/2022, for this special presentation.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC President

Pier & Beer! Our August Education Night is at St Pete Pier!

Please join your fellow TBCC members at St Pete Pier for an evening of sunset, skyline, and whatever, shooting. You can top it off with a beer, wine, or whatever.

Instead of a Zoom Education Night, we are getting together, in person, to enjoy an evening in St Petersburg. On Thursday, August 25, 2022, we will meet at Benoist Plaza (the Bi-Plane Statue that is next to the Pelican Parking Lot) out on The Pier at 7 PM. You can drive out onto the pier and park in the Pelican Lot.

We will shoot around the pier until after sunset and then go for a drink and maybe some food somewhere in the area.

Here are some images from a couple of years ago!

Sunset from the restaurant on the Pier.
Topaz Impression derivation of a tile image along the pier.
A Net Abstract – The net is near the playground

I hope to see everyone out there! The last time we did this we had a great time and some great drinks up at the top of the Pier!

Any questions, please email me at

Lynn W.

May Education Night – Special Presentation – “The Power of Personal Projects” by Mary Presson Roberts

Please join us at another great TBCC Education Night for a special presentation by my good friend and amazing photographer, Mary Presson Roberts. She will be talking about “The Power of Personal Projects” on May 27, 2022.

Summary of Presentation

There is no better way to grow as a photographer than to regularly practice your craft. Mary has found that personal photography projects have not only been a way to practice her craft but they have led her to some of the most meaningful photographs she has taken during her journey as a photographer. In this presentation, Mary will discuss the importance of personal photography projects, how to choose a personal project, and share several projects she has completed during the last decade.

Mary’s Bio

Mary Presson Roberts is a photographer, author, and educator native of the Carolinas. Mary received her Bachelor’s Degree from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, and her Master’s Degree from the Citadel, Charleston, SC. Mary has been an educator in the Carolinas for more than three decades. Mary was able to purchase her first serious camera using a gold coin her father gave her. She was immersed in art education throughout life by her mother’s influence. The camera became her primary tool for self-expression. Twelve years ago, Mary combined her passions for photography and education. She leads photography workshops, photo tours, and gives inspirational presentations of her photographic journey. Mary has a diverse interest in photographic subjects. Photography has introduced Mary to people she would have never met, taken her to places she would have never experienced, and adventures she never would have attempted. It transformed her life.

Mary’s Website:

Some Samples of Mary’s Photography

Why You Should Attend

I have known Mary for many years as she is another of my fellow Arcanum participants. I have also traveled and spent time photographing with Mary so I have seen her project process. I watched her shoot all kinds of abstracts on surfaces and textures while we were in Wyoming and Montana! She is a wonderful person who just recently retired from teaching elementary school for many years! Watch out Robert, she will have your number! LOL!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 05/27/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

Hope to see you at our next Competition/Critique Night on May 20th and for this Education Night on May 27th.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres

Special Presentation – April Education Night – “Minimalism” by Scott Norris

Please join us Friday, 04/22/22, for a special presentation on “Minimalism” by Scott Norris.

FYI: this happens to be the competition assignment coming up in June.

Presentation Summary

My presentation on minimalist photography will begin with how I developed my minimalist approach/style. I’ll then go into what I feel makes a good minimalist photo and talk about some compositional elements and what to look for.

Scott’s Bio

Emotion. Mood. Atmosphere. This is what I capture through my photographs. Whether it is landscapes, architecture, still life, or macros – it is a very personal journey as my own fears, triumphs, beliefs, and shortcomings are exposed with each photo.

Much of what I shoot is done spontaneously. What surrounds me dictates what is photographed.

And shooting is only the first step – a jumping-off point. I take the raw images and create what I see in my mind’s eye. Coaxing out textures in the shot – sometimes adding them. Enhancing the contrast of light and dark to create the mood and emotions I felt and feel. In the end, it’s all about listening to my heart and mind and creating a visual representation of what I feel the moment the shutter is released.

I’m a native of Texas living on Milwaukee’s East Side with my wife and son. When I’m not out shooting or with family, you can find me hiking along the Milwaukee River, working on my other business, Scott Norris Creative, camping, reading sci-fi, and cooking. 


Some Sample Images from Scott

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” –Helen Keller A lone tree on a snowy field. Copyright 2021 Scott Norris Photography
A mostly hidden outdoor stairway at the newly re-opened, renovated and expanded Milwaukee Art Museum. Day 240 of my 365 photo a day project. Copyright 2016 Scott Norris Photography
“Be an opener of doors.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson An old vintage doorknob in our home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Day 174 of 365 Copyright 2022 Scott Norris Creative
Here’s to a POWERful new year in 2022. Day 92 of 365 Copyright 2021 Scott Norris Creative
“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” –David Lynch My morning cuppa on the kitchen table. Long shadow courtesy of the sun. Day 102 of 365 Copyright 2022 Scott Norris Creative

What You Will Learn from this Presentation

I have known Scott for many years. We were in one of the original cohorts in The Arcanum which was an innovative online photography mentoring program back in the late 2000’s. Scott’s style stood out immediately! Minimalism seems like it would be easy but it is all about balance and feeling! I know Scott will give you a great insight into this type of photography.

This will give you a base from which to spring for your June competition assignment!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 04/22/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

Hope to see you at our Competition Night on April 15th and for this Education Night on April 22nd.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres

Are You Ready for an Outing? Our next one is Saturday, February 26, 2022 at Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland, FL


Your Invitation

Our next in-person outing will be Saturday, February 26th at 8AM at the amazing Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County. (Google Map Below)

Please join us as we explore the trails along the waterways of Circle B. This county water management area/education center is one of the premier birding locations in Florida. There are a number of species of birds that can be found here all year round but at this time of the year, the migratory birds are coming through so you never know what you will see.

There is also other non-bird wildlife such as alligators (Circle B is too famous for its gators), otters, bobcats, rabbits, insects, snakes, turtles, lizards, and who knows what else. There are a lot of people as well!

What to Expect (Maybe)

So, normally, there is a lot of walking but you can find a likely spot not too far from the parking lot and take a seat and see what comes your way OR walk the various trails to see what you can find. I usually do a combination of both. I am much more inclined to stop and take in everything these days. I have often stopped for a landscape shot, a common bird doing a behavior, or to just rehydrate and suddenly some unusual critter comes by or appears out of the water or does something spectacular! I try to always be ready to shoot one of my cameras. Oh yes, I carry 2 cameras, one with the 200-500mm lens and the other with a wide-angle lens. Sometimes that wide-angle is on my infrared converted camera.

Landscapes are possible here with my favorites being made when there are clouds in the sky.

Disclaimer: Since we are dealing with unknown weather and very unpredictable critters we cannot guarantee anything except a fun time with your fellow TBCC members, a little Circle B-oriented education, and MAYBE some awesome images!

What to Bring

I would recommend that you bring your longest lens and a teleconverter to get even more reach. Also, bring a wide-angle lens for landscape shots. If you have one of the zoom lenses that go from 28-300mm or more, that will work! If you just want to “see” the critters, bring a pair of binoculars.

Put on some sunblock, wear a hat, bring some water and bug spray in case it is warmer that morning. Bring a lightweight stool or chair if you want to stay at one spot. If it rains, we will wait it out and take a shorter walk.

Getting the Most Out of the Outing

While you are walking through Circle B, please be mindful and try to take in as much as you can. I usually visit this place by myself so I can be totally in the moment, not thinking about anything else but looking for something interesting to make an image of. We don’t have epic landscapes here but you can still approach what we do using the ideas and principles that Colleen Miniuk and some of our other presenters have enlightened us with.

The (Tentative) Schedule

Drive to the parking lots that are adjacent to the Education Center. We will meet at the pavilion near the PortaPotties at the edge of the center back parking lot at 8 AM. We will spend a few minutes talking about Circle B and reviewing what we will be doing. We will be spending a couple of hours as a group on this outing. If you want to stay longer or come earlier you are certainly welcome to do that!

Let’s Do This!

I hope to see many of you at this outing! We have to fit in as many outdoor outings as we can before it gets too hot and buggy!

If you have any questions, let me know. Please Email me at

Lynn W

Map to Circle B Bar Reserve

Map of the Circle B Trails

Mark Your Calendar for Our Next Outing – Saturday, October 16, 2021- Tampa Bay Auto Museum, Pinellas Park

Mark your calendar for our next photo outing on October 16th at 10 AM until Noonish!

THIS IS JUST IN TIME TO CREATE YOUR IMAGES FOR OUR NOVEMBER COMPETITION ASSIGNMENT! (Autos/Trucks/Motorcycles – see assignment list for details) we will be shooting at the Tampa Bay Auto Museum in Pinellas Park, FL.


Museum Information from Wikipedia

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, displays historic automobiles from the 20th century. All of the vehicles displayed are from the collection of Alain Cerf, a French entrepreneur.

The collection is focused on cars which demonstrate special creativity and imagination in their history and engineering. This includes rare early front-wheel drive cars, Tatra rear engine cars, rear-engine Mercedes-Benz, Citroën cars, the only surviving car by French engineer Émile Claveau, and a unique working full-scale replica of the first self-propelled mechanical vehicle, the fardier of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.


Tampa Bay Auto Museum -3301 Gateway Centre Blvd, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

We will meet in the parking lot of the museum, Saturday, October 16th, prior to 9:45 AM. I need to collect the admission fee from each attendee in order to pay for everyone before entering. If we have 12 or more attendees, the admission is $8 each. If less than 12 attendees, then admission is $12 each or $10 for seniors(62+). Please bring correct change.


The museum requires that you wear a mask for the full time you are inside so be sure to bring a mask! And please, maintain social distancing.

The facility is fairly large so there is plenty of room and many autos to photograph. Be sure to bring your tripod as it is a bit dark inside so you will need slower shutter speeds in some instances.

You should bring a wide-angle lens and a close-up/macro lens, at the very least. Besides the cars themselves, there are a lot of interesting and photogenic details to shoot.

This museum is friendly to photographers so please be very careful around these valuable autos. You can carefully move the metal signs in front of many of the autos, if necessary, but be sure to return them carefully to the same spot. We do not want to be the group that causes them to no longer allow photography!

I hope to see you October 16th, as this will be our last planned in-person outing until our Annual Holiday Party and Awards celebration on Dec 12th (more details later this year).

Any questions, please let me know via email:

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC, Acting President


August 2021 Technical Night – Capturing Motion – presentation by Jim Sykes

Our own Jim Sykes has created a video presentation that we will be showing on our technical night for this month on Friday, Aug 27, 2021.

Presentation Summary from Jim

This will be a recorded presentation to help motivate and encourage you to capture motion with your camera in a variety of different ways.

I will give some tips and show lots of examples of a variety of techniques that you can use. Some of the techniques that will be discussed are: slow shutter speed, creative use of ND filters, animated GIF from timelapse, intentional camera motion, multiple exposures, front curtain sync flash, rear curtain sync flash, high speed sync flash, and strobe lighting.

Watch the presentation and get inspired to challenge yourself to do something new with your camera. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations for our October Competition Assignment – “Capture Motion”!

Example Image


We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2021) members a few days prior to 08/27/2021.

Please remember to renew your TBCC annual membership if you have not already done so for 2021. You can use this link:


Non -Members are Welcome! If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

With this timely information from Jim you should have the opportunity to come up with some very creative entries for October’s assignment.

Hope to see you at our Competition Night on August 20th and for this Technical Night on August 27th.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres