Mud Endeavor Photo Opportunity

Anyone in the club who is interested in doing some event photography for fun or as a learning experience is invited to join me at the Mud Endeavor race in Dade City on March 1st. You must sign up in advance and I will be resposible for you. I have photographed this event in the past and I will get together with everyone who signs up in advance and give them a briefing regarding shooting the event. This is a fun event and provides a lot of great photo opportunities. There is a very large obstacle course set up for participants that is filled with mud and water.

Update: The 2014 course will be in a new location in Brooksville. The course for the participants will be 6 miles long and will be laid out within a 100 acre tract of land in an old limestone quarry.

Here is a link to see the location of the new course:

Here is a link to see images from last year’s event:

If you sign up you will be provided with all-access credentials and may roam the course freely taking photos. You will be expected to take between 500 and 1000 jpg photos during the event. You will be allowed to to keep your photos and use them as you wish. You will also be required to allow me to copy your memory cards at the end of the event for the promotor. Your images will not be sold but they will be made available to the race particpants to view and/or download.

Please use the form below to sign up. Thanks – Jim Sykes

Information regarding the live photo critique broadcast:

Scott Kelby and Joe McNally will be doing a live broadcast from the Improv in Ybor City on Tuesday evening, February 4th. Members of our club have been invited to be audience participants for the event. Doors will open at 5:30 P.M. Guests will be seated and then given a briefing regarding what to expect during the broadcast. The broadcast will run from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. Scott and Joe will be giving critiques of images submitted in advance by audience members.

If you wish to have an image considered for a critique during the program you must submit it to the email address using the subject line: “Behind the Lens Submission”.

Your image must be a minimum of 1080 pixels on the long side and at least 72 ppi. This is the bare minimum acceptable size and resolution, larger size and higher resolution are preferable. Remember, if your image is selected everyone wants it to look good on the broadcast. Your name must be either be part of the image file name or appear legibly as a watermark on the image.

Sign up is closed now.

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