Pier & Beer! Our August Education Night is at St Pete Pier!

Please join your fellow TBCC members at St Pete Pier for an evening of sunset, skyline, and whatever, shooting. You can top it off with a beer, wine, or whatever.

Instead of a Zoom Education Night, we are getting together, in person, to enjoy an evening in St Petersburg. On Thursday, August 25, 2022, we will meet at Benoit Plaza (the Bi-Plane Statue that is next to the Pelican Parking Lot) out on The Pier at 7 PM. You can drive out onto the pier and park in the Pelican Lot.

We will shoot around the pier until after sunset and then go for a drink and maybe some food somewhere in the area.

Here are some images from a couple of years ago!

Sunset from the restaurant on the Pier.
Topaz Impression derivation of a tile image along the pier.
A Net Abstract – The net is near the playground

I hope to see everyone out there! The last time we did this we had a great time and some great drinks up at the top of the Pier!

Any questions, please email me at mytbcc@gmail.com.

Lynn W.

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art is Our Next Outing on July 30, 2022.

Mark your calendars as our July outing will be in air-conditioning at The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art! Our visit, complete with docent/tour guide, is scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2022, at 9:30 AM. Sign-up is required– See below.


Information on the James Museum

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art provides experiences that inspire human connection and transformation through art depicting the peoples, landscapes, and history of the American West, and wildlife of the world. More than 400 premiere works of art including sculpture, paintings and jewelry are on display in the museum’s 26,000 square feet of gallery space. The museum engages the community through programs and educational opportunities, for all ages, that bring our history to life and amplify voices that are not often at the forefront of mainstream western art. When The James Museum opened in April 2018 it became one of the newest additions to St. Petersburg’s thriving arts community. Learn more and plan your visit at thejamesmuseum.org!

Our Visit

We will be visiting on the next to last day of the special exhibit of Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher landscapes. So this is a great opportunity to see some of these master photographers’ work. We will have at least one docent to act as our guide to give us an inside look at the museum. Once the tour is completed you will have the opportunity to explore the museum on your own. Even if you have seen this exhibit the additional insight provided by the docent may be a great reason to visit again!

Photography is allowed except where noted.  Feel free to share on social media using #thejamesmuseum. No flash photography, tripods, video cameras or selfie sticks, please!

Why Attend

Ansel Adams is one of the great landscape photographers and Clyde Butcher is a living Florida legend. Seeing the masters’ work can give you inspiration and help you take your photography to the next level. Even if you are not a landscape photographer, these masters’ use of natural light can only add to your knowledge.


Individual Vehicles

Museum Parking is available on Levels 3 & 4 of the automated South Core Parking Garage located above the museum. Enter at 101 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. The first hour in the garage is free and $1/hour after that. Please note: special event rates vary and may apply.

The Cost

The museum has given us a great deal at $15 per person. This is a discount of up to $15 when the tour guide fee is included. I will need to collect the fee prior to all of us entering the museum. Please arrive at the museum by 9:30 AM with the correct change. If you arrive after the group has entered the museum at 10 AM you will have to pay the full fee.


We will spend several hours at the museum and follow that up with lunch at one of the local restaurants. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Sign Up Required

Since the number of attendees determines the number of docents/tour guides needed, we must require that everyone signup in advance. The DEADLINE for signing up is July 26th to give the museum time to notify their docents.

Please click this link for the sign-up form:


Hope to see everyone there!

Lynn W.

The museum is located at: https://g.page/thejamesmuseum?share

June Education Night – Creating Beautiful Portraits with only Window Light – presentation by Robert Rostick and Jim Sykes

Please join us for our June Education Night on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 7 PM. The presentation will be given by our own Robert Rostick and Jim Sykes.

Presentation Summary

Portraits using only Window Light: Robert and Jim will take you through an actual shoot using window light with two beautiful models.

There will be 3 types of images demonstrated: with some slight variations of each included

  1. Side Light
  2. Silhouette
  3. Full light – subject facing the window

Once they have played the shoot (pre-recorded) they will answer any questions and talk about shooting in Monochrome and converting regular color images to Black and White via post-processing.

Why Attend?

The monthly assignment for the July Exhibit/Commentary is “Black and White Portrait using only Window Light”. But beyond that, it is great to know how to get beautiful portraits and not need all those fancy lights!

We will record this presentation but to get the most from the presentation and to get any of your questions answered by Jim and Robert, it is best to attend the Zoom meeting.

The Zoom Invitation will be sent out on Tuesday, June 21st.

Hope that everyone can attend now that we have moved our meetings to Thursday evening.

Lynn W.

Our Next Outing is Saturday, June 4, 2022 – At the Field of Flowers

Please read this entire post!

Last year one of the strawberry farms in Dover started planting their off-season fallow field with zinnias and sunflowers (see image above). They have planted even more this year and by next Saturday, June 4, 2022, the field should be awash with multicolored zinnias and 3 colorful varieties of low sunflowers (the shorter version of sunflowers so you can actually see across the field).

So our next outing will be a visit to Three Son Farms’ (map below) beautiful flower field on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at 8:00 AM rain or shine. (Flowers are even better to shoot when the sun is not glaring down!) The farmer has left some large paths in the field and some smaller paths have been created in the flowers. It is fairly easy-going, just don’t step on the flowers!

We will meet at the tables under the tent that they have set up beside the flower field.

Zinnias – May 24, 2022

What to bring:

I would recommend that you bring a hat, rain gear, water, bug spray, and, of course, a macro lens, Lensbaby, and a wide-angle lens. Wear old or waterproof shoes/boots in case the field is muddy. A tripod is ok but not necessary unless you want to try timelapse, image stacking, or the multi-image cloud painterly look. Bring a plastic bag with a damp paper towel in the bottom (see Rules below)!

The Creative Challenge:

To add to the fun, here are a few ideas of ways to shoot beyond the single flower image:

  1. Close-up of an individual flower with those behind in a colorful bokeh with a shallow depth of field.
  2. ICM – Intentional Camera Movement – Increase your f stop, slow your shutter and decrease your ISO and then move the camera up or down, or sideways while the shutter is open. This can be so much fun!
  3. Multiple Exposures – find the setting for Multiple Exposures in your camera menu, and set it up. Move the camera for each frame and see the amazing abstracts you will get.
  4. Use the Slow Shutter app and the Average Cam Pro app on your cell phone to accomplish 2 and 3 above.
  5. Look for insects on the flowers… There are a lot of bees buzzing around, in my experience, they are so involved in eating at all the flowers that they do not care about anything else. I have been able to get within a few inches and shoot them with no problem. But be careful! There may also be other interesting insects and some butterflies as well.
  6. Wide-angle of the whole field. If the sky has some clouds include them.
  7. Wide-angle from a low perspective.
  8. Get really close for a true macro shot (1:1 or closer).
  9. Multi-image painterly clouds… this requires a tripod and clouds! Set up your camera for timelapse (but not for a timelapse video as some cameras have a setting that automatically creates a video) as you will need all the images. Take at least 50 images spread over 10 minutes. In post-processing, you take all the images to PS as separate layers, select them all, and then use the “lighten” blend mode. Make a duplicate of one of the layers (should be one with no movement in the flowers), using a mask, bring in all but the sky into the image. This should give you a very painterly sky and perfect flowers below!
  10. Timelapse. Use a tripod. Use the Timelapse movie setting in your camera. This makes a short interesting video, especially with flowers, clouds, and people moving around.
  11. Image stacking – tripod, set up in camera(if possible) and shoot a number of frames with the point of focus moving slightly with each frame. Combine the frames in Helicon Focus or PS to get an image that is in focus from front to back.
  12. Use the video setting on your camera or cell phone!
  13. Images of People in the flower field.
  14. Make a Selfy with the flowers!
  15. Anything else you can think of! Just have fun!


  1. Because we want the farmer to keep planting the flowers every year, we must support him! SO, you must buy flowers (Zinnias last for days and Sunflowers last for a few days) OR buy some produce. I buy tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, etc from their stand and it has all been fresh and tasty! The flowers are what that plastic bag with the wet paper towel is for! We don’t want your flowers to wilt on the way home! Recut the stems when you get home and stick them in cool water immediately.
  2. Be respectful of your fellow TBCC members, other photographers, other visitors, and our hosts! It is Saturday so they may be very busy!
  3. Please send me up to 10 of your most creative images and/or your videos so I can create a highlight reel for the outing! I will send out a reminder email after the outing.
  4. Be creative and have fun!

Why Attend?

Since we are not having meetings in person, this is the next best thing….to me, even better, because we are getting to do some fun photography while we get to spend some time together!

We may drive to a local taco place for an early lunch after we finish shooting!

Any questions, email me at mytbcc@gmail.com

Lynn W.

PS Here is a link to my Sunflower Field Gallery from last year if you are interested. FYI- The images at the top of the gallery are the tall sunflowers they planted in the fall. https://galleries.theilluminatinglens.com/Places/Sunflower-Field-Dover-Florida-2021/

May Education Night – Special Presentation – “The Power of Personal Projects” by Mary Presson Roberts

Please join us at another great TBCC Education Night for a special presentation by my good friend and amazing photographer, Mary Presson Roberts. She will be talking about “The Power of Personal Projects” on May 27, 2022.

Summary of Presentation

There is no better way to grow as a photographer than to regularly practice your craft. Mary has found that personal photography projects have not only been a way to practice her craft but they have led her to some of the most meaningful photographs she has taken during her journey as a photographer. In this presentation, Mary will discuss the importance of personal photography projects, how to choose a personal project, and share several projects she has completed during the last decade.

Mary’s Bio

Mary Presson Roberts is a photographer, author, and educator native of the Carolinas. Mary received her Bachelor’s Degree from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, and her Master’s Degree from the Citadel, Charleston, SC. Mary has been an educator in the Carolinas for more than three decades. Mary was able to purchase her first serious camera using a gold coin her father gave her. She was immersed in art education throughout life by her mother’s influence. The camera became her primary tool for self-expression. Twelve years ago, Mary combined her passions for photography and education. She leads photography workshops, photo tours, and gives inspirational presentations of her photographic journey. Mary has a diverse interest in photographic subjects. Photography has introduced Mary to people she would have never met, taken her to places she would have never experienced, and adventures she never would have attempted. It transformed her life.

Mary’s Website: https://www.themaryphotographer.com/

Some Samples of Mary’s Photography

Why You Should Attend

I have known Mary for many years as she is another of my fellow Arcanum participants. I have also traveled and spent time photographing with Mary so I have seen her project process. I watched her shoot all kinds of abstracts on surfaces and textures while we were in Wyoming and Montana! She is a wonderful person who just recently retired from teaching elementary school for many years! Watch out Robert, she will have your number! LOL!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 05/27/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to mytbcc@gmail.com so we can get the invitation to you.

Hope to see you at our next Competition/Critique Night on May 20th and for this Education Night on May 27th.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres

Mark Your Calendar for our Spring Club Outing – Eureka Springs Conservation Park – Hillsborough County on Saturday, April 23, 2022

Our next outing will be at Eureka Spring Conservation Park at 10 AM, Saturday, April 23, 2022. This is one of the small county parks that helped me get through the last two years. It is a very, Florida piece of land, that was donated to the county some years ago.


It is located off of Hwy 301 and I-4 in Hillsborough County not far from the Florida State Fair Grounds at 6400 Eureka Springs Rd, Tampa, FL 33610. See the Google Map below.

What to Shoot

This park has some nice gardens, a greenhouse, waterways with water lilies (which don’t bloom until mid-day so the reason for the 10 AM meetup time), a nice boardwalk through a typical Florida forest/wetland, a covered bridge, gazebo, and visitor center with restrooms and a classroom!

You can shoot macro, flower close-ups and this is a great place for infrared and a wide-angle lens as there are some old oaks trees with resurrection ferns growing on them. Spring is the best time for infrared as all those new green leaves will be extra white!

The waterlilies are not close so a longer macro lens (100mm or more) is best.

What Else to Bring

Bring a hat, bug spray, sunscreen (although most of the park is pretty shady), and something to drink (it will be getting warmer). There is a single picnic table next to and through the Visitor Center so we will meet there. There is a $2.00 fee per vehicle/driver and $1.00 for each additional person in the vehicle unless you have a Hillsborough County Parks annual pass.

For about 15 minutes I will be talking about the park and letting you know where everything is and then we will foray out to see what we can find! If you arrive late, please text me and I will let you know where we are. We should be done in about 2 hours or so.

Why Attend

Since we are not having meetings in person, this is the next best thing….to me even better because we are getting to do some photography while we get to spend some time together!

Hope to see you at Eureka Springs Park!

Lynn W.

Special Presentation – April Education Night – “Minimalism” by Scott Norris

Please join us Friday, 04/22/22, for a special presentation on “Minimalism” by Scott Norris.

FYI: this happens to be the competition assignment coming up in June.

Presentation Summary

My presentation on minimalist photography will begin with how I developed my minimalist approach/style. I’ll then go into what I feel makes a good minimalist photo and talk about some compositional elements and what to look for.

Scott’s Bio

Emotion. Mood. Atmosphere. This is what I capture through my photographs. Whether it is landscapes, architecture, still life, or macros – it is a very personal journey as my own fears, triumphs, beliefs, and shortcomings are exposed with each photo.

Much of what I shoot is done spontaneously. What surrounds me dictates what is photographed.

And shooting is only the first step – a jumping-off point. I take the raw images and create what I see in my mind’s eye. Coaxing out textures in the shot – sometimes adding them. Enhancing the contrast of light and dark to create the mood and emotions I felt and feel. In the end, it’s all about listening to my heart and mind and creating a visual representation of what I feel the moment the shutter is released.

I’m a native of Texas living on Milwaukee’s East Side with my wife and son. When I’m not out shooting or with family, you can find me hiking along the Milwaukee River, working on my other business, Scott Norris Creative, camping, reading sci-fi, and cooking. 

Website: https://www.scottnorrisphotography.com/

Some Sample Images from Scott

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” –Helen Keller A lone tree on a snowy field. Copyright 2021 Scott Norris Photography scottnorrisphotography.com
A mostly hidden outdoor stairway at the newly re-opened, renovated and expanded Milwaukee Art Museum. Day 240 of my 365 photo a day project. Copyright 2016 Scott Norris Photography scottnorrisphotography.com
“Be an opener of doors.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson An old vintage doorknob in our home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Day 174 of 365 Copyright 2022 Scott Norris Creative scottnorrisphotography.com scott-norris.pixels.com scottnorriscreative.com
Here’s to a POWERful new year in 2022. Day 92 of 365 Copyright 2021 Scott Norris Creative scottnorrisphotography.com scott-norris.pixels.com scottnorriscreative.com
“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” –David Lynch My morning cuppa on the kitchen table. Long shadow courtesy of the sun. Day 102 of 365 Copyright 2022 Scott Norris Creative scottnorrisphotography.com scott-norris.pixels.com scottnorriscreative.com

What You Will Learn from this Presentation

I have known Scott for many years. We were in one of the original cohorts in The Arcanum which was an innovative online photography mentoring program back in the late 2000’s. Scott’s style stood out immediately! Minimalism seems like it would be easy but it is all about balance and feeling! I know Scott will give you a great insight into this type of photography.

This will give you a base from which to spring for your June competition assignment!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 04/22/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to mytbcc@gmail.com so we can get the invitation to you.

Hope to see you at our Competition Night on April 15th and for this Education Night on April 22nd.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres