Updates for 2016

We are starting a new year of competition and educational meetings and here is some important information. The final standings for 2015 are available here:
2015 Final Competition Standings

2016 Competition Assignments:

January – Landscape (Present a photo that shows a space within the world and focuses primarily on the presence of nature or in the case of an urban landscape, the lack of the presence of nature.)
February – Romance (Present an image that illustrates the concept of romance either literally or figuratively.)
March – Diptych (Two photos presented simultaneously that work as well or better together than they did apart. A story, association, or comparison made in two frames.)
April – Monochrome Portrait (Portrait of a single human being presented without the use of multiple colors.)
May – Flowers
June – Moving Water and or Panning Technique (Create an image that visually conveys the motion of water and/or create an image in a single frame using camera panning technique. Note – this is not the same thing as creating a multi-frame panorama.)
July – Architecture (The primary subject matter should be buildings or other man-made structures, exterior or interior, complete structures and/or limited details are acceptable.)
August – Emulate the Masters (Photographically recreate a work of art by an acknowledged master in any visual medium. You must present your own photo and a photo of the work being recreated.)
September – Food Photography
October – Wildlife (Present a photo of a non-captive, non-domesticated living creature in a natural environment.}
November – Abandoned (Present an image that illustrates the concept of abandonment either literally or figuratively.)

2016 Technical Night Schedule::

January – Printing from Lightroom
February – Tips and Techniques for Emulating the Masters
March – Flower Photography
April – No fourth Friday meeting
May – Tips and Techniques for Architectural Photography
June – Tips and Techniques for Food Photography
July – Tips and Techniques for Butterfly Photography
August – Aurora HDR Software Tips and Techniques
September – Raw File Exchange
October – Tips and Techniques for Landscape Photography