Monthly Exhibit Rules and Scoring

Scoring in each category will be based on the overall quality of work submitted. Each image is judged on its own merit, not against other entries.


A member must submit a minimum of sixteen images throughout the year to qualify for year-end recognition—any combination of Assigned and General images (within monthly limits).

A member must submit at least one image in at least six of the eleven Assignments to qualify for year-end recognition. They can submit up to two images for each Assignment.

Monthly Submission Limits

Each current member can submit a maximum of three images per month, with a maximum of two per category. Therefore, two Assigned and one General or one Assigned and two General.


Images will be judged by a three-judge panel.  

Judges may not judge their own entries, entries from immediate family members, and certain other entries dependent upon circumstances where a conflict of interest may be perceived. In these instances, a judge will enter a score of 0. The remaining judge’s scores will be averaged and used as the score in place of the 0 value for accumulating the total point score.

All images will be scored on the same basis of 9 points maximum per judge.  There will be no rounding of the raw decimal score. 

Only the total raw score will be announced after each image is judged.  For example: Judge one 7.8, judge two 8.1, judge three 7.6, total raw score = 23.5 

To continue to encourage more Assignment submissions – All assigned entries will have one additional point added to the total raw score from the judges. In the example above, for a General submission, the score announced and recorded for the raw score would be 23.5. For an Assigned submission, the score announced and recorded for the raw score would be 24.5. (23.5 +1).

Assignment Make-up

If a member is unable to attend an Exhibit/Comment meeting they can submit up to two images for the missed month’s Assignment only.  The Assignment makeup can only be done the following month.  There is no make-up for the General category.  (Note: a member does not need to be present at a meeting to submit images for exhibit)  

Annual Awards

The members’ top sixteen raw scores will be added together to determine the total annual scores for the year-end recognition.

The members with the top six annual scores will receive recognition at the annual Awards and Holiday Party in December. 

All Exhibition/Comment Night meetings and image scores are recorded and posted on the TBCC website. 

Submission Guidelines

Digital file size should be high resolution, up to 40MB in JPG, TIF, PSD, or DNG format unless an assignment specifies otherwise. Entries are only accepted via email at  They must be submitted by midnight the Tuesday before the Exhibit Thursday or they will not be included in the competition.

Digital files should be named with the image title preceded by the letter “A” indicating assigned, “G” indicating general, and additionally “AR” to indicate if it is to be considered as Altered Reality for judging purposes.

A – Red canoe
G – Cat in a box
A- AR – Flying pigs
G- AR – Hell frozen over

Definition of Altered Reality: For purposes of entry and judging consider any image that may appear to the judges to be manipulated way beyond normal exposure correction, color correction, contrast adjustment, retouching, and multiple exposures to be a candidate for this category.   Any Composites would be considered AR.  ICM and Infrared are NOT AR as they are in-camera effects. The key to deciding whether or not to enter an image in the Altered Reality category is how obvious the manipulations are. You are probably better off in the Altered Reality category if the effects are obvious. If your image doesn’t call attention to your manipulations then you may wish not to enter it as AR.

Disclaimer: The Tampa Bay Camera Club shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any entry. Any member who submits an entry assumes the risk of loss or damage and the Tampa Bay Camera Club disclaims any liability.

Entries that violate exhibition rules, do not comply with the assigned subject definition, are in bad taste, or fall below commonly accepted standards shall be disqualified. The decision to disqualify an entry shall be made by the judges with the advice and consent of the Board who will explain the reason for disqualification.

Exhibit categories and other information are here:

8 thoughts on “Monthly Exhibit Rules and Scoring

  1. I can’t find where it describes prints requiring a matt. However, now I know. Can a matt be black or other colors?

  2. I joined TBCC a few weeks ago. I have tried to access the entry form but am asked for a username and password. How can I get the entry forms?

  3. There was a colorful green and yellow end of the year results page. How do I access it again to find the final results?

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