Exhibit Image Submission Instructions:

Read carefully…

We are increasing the number of submissions that you can make. You are now allowed to enter up to a maximum of 3 digital entries. Here is how that breaks down: If you enter only one image it may be either assigned or general. If you enter two images they may both be assigned, or they may both be general, or they can be split as one assigned and one general. If you enter three images they must be split as either two assigned and one general, or two general and one assigned.

Images must be submitted via email to mytbcc@gmail.com no later than midnight on the Tuesday preceding the competition meeting. Image file attachments should be a maximum size of 10 MB per file to accommodate the email submission process. Depending on your service provider you may be able to attach 2 files to a single message or you may need to send them in separate messages. There is an image below that shows exactly what to do in Lightroom to prepare your image files appropriately for submission. In the body of your email please follow this format to ensure that we have the necessary information from you:

Your name (This is important because your email address may be different from your name and we need to make sure we can give you your score.)

Image One – Assigned or General

Image One – Title (Make absolutely sure the digital file is named identically – this is very important.)

Image Two – Assigned or General

Image Two – Title (Make absolutely sure the digital file is named identically – this is very important.)

Please note that if you do not do this part correctly we may not have time to contact you for corrections in order to be able to include your submission(s) in the meeting. There is currently a deadline for submissions for all Exhibit meetings on Tuesday at midnight prior to the day of the exhibit. This is because we have to set up some special scoring systems to accommodate the online meeting format and we need plenty of time on Thursday in advance of the meeting to have everything prepared.

Recommended Lightroom/ACR settings for preparing your files for submission:

If you use Photoshop to resize your image – Go to Image – Image Size, in the drop-down on the side right of the dialog box, change Inches to Pixels. Click the Lock symbol to the left to keep the ratios the same. Change the longest side to 3000 pixels. Change the Resolution to 240. Click OK then save your image as a JPG.