Get Ready for One Day Tampa Bay Camera Club on Saturday, April 1, 2023! Our Next Outing!

This is an outing for ALL our members, no matter where you are! THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!


For 24 hours starting at 12:01 AM April 1 and ending at 11:59 PM April 1, get those cameras out and show us where you are during those 24 HOURS ONLY! Even if you are away from home!! 📷 📲

Also, all members in the Tampa Bay area are invited to not only shoot around where you live specifically but also join us in person at 4:30 PM EDT at Julian B Lane Riverfront Park (map below) across the river from downtown Tampa for a photography outing. There is a lot to shoot along the Tampa Riverwalk, places to eat, and to get ICE CREAM! 🍦🍧


After April 1, please send at least 5 images that best depict where you were on that day! Use the same procedures for these jpeg images as we use for exhibit nights.

Please rename your images to include the place!

Send your images to before 7 PM EDT on April 17th so I can create a slideshow of all our images! Use the SUBJECT: ODTBCC Photos

Let’s celebrate spring and where we live or are visiting!

Any questions, please email me at or ask at the next two Zoom meetings!


Special Presentation – “Is Your Flower Photography Boring? Let Me Help!” – by Mike Moats for our January Education Night

Mike Moats has joined us previously as a judge for a special macro photography contest we had a couple of years ago. This time he will be talking about macro flower photography (remember the Exhibit Assignment in March is Macro Photography). So please join us for a special education night on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at 7 PM ET.

Presentation Summary

Are you feeling like your flower photography is lacking something and is boring. There are many different styles and ways to create better flower images that will stand out. This will be an in-depth session on creating unique and interesting flower images.

Mike’s Bio

Mike Moats is an international award-winning full-time pro macro photographer from Michigan.  He is a Tamron Image Master, Vanguard Pro, and his articles and images have been published in many photo magazines for over 15 years.  He has a Macro Photo Club online with over 2,600 members, from 28 countries.  Mike teaches workshops and speaks at photo conferences throughout the US. Mike’s website:

Samples of Mike’s Flower Images

Who Should Attend?

If you are at all interested in macro photography you should not miss this one! Some of the techniques Mike will talk about apply to other small subjects. Macro is a genre we should all have in our bag of photo tricks as you can make macro images anywhere! I create macro images in my home, at the local parks and botanical gardens, and definitely when I am traveling. I may be shooting an epic landscape but there will be macro subjects right in front of me as well! REMEMBER, look behind you, look to the sides and for sure always look up and down! There is almost always something else to shoot and many times it is even more interesting and a better subject than what caught your attention in the first place!

I have known Mike for a number of years and have attended his Bootcamps, one of his annual Macro Summits, and a macro workshop he did in conjunction with Madeline Island School of Arts in Tucson, AZ. When you think of macro photographers, he should be the first to come to mind! His images are amazing and his teaching style is laid back and intense at the same time!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2023) members a few days prior to 01/26/2023.

If you have not renewed for 2023 please click on the following link, complete the info form, submit it, and then click on the BuyNow button at the bottom to pay your dues. Renew Membership

Non-Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

I hope to see you at our Exhibit/Comment Night on 01/19/2023 and at our Education Night on 01/26/2023, for this special presentation.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC President

Annual Awards and Holiday Party Scheduled for Sunday, December 4, 2022

On behalf of your TBCC Board of Directors, you are cordially invited to the TBCC Annual Awards and Holiday Party that will be held on Sunday, December 4th, at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor.


The fun gets started at 1 PM in Pavilion #8 and will go on until about 4 PM.

There are many big picnic tables in the pavilion, but you are welcome to bring your own chairs if you prefer. The club will supply grills, hand sanitizer, ice, plates, cups, silverware, napkins, and some basic drinks. There is no electricity so plan accordingly.

We are counting on all of you to bring all that wonderful food and drink that TBCC is famous for!

The food/drink signup form is below.

We will have our end-of-year awards ceremony for those who qualified in our monthly competitions.

Don’t forget our “pushpin” story display! Since we are not actually using “pushpins” in our outdoor venue, please bring one photo that is at least 8X10 (so everyone can see it). It should be on a piece of foam core or matted for rigidity while hanging from our photo lineup! This is not a competition but a chance for you to get up and tell everyone the story behind your image. So keep that in mind when making your image choice. Please only bring an image we have not seen before.

In addition, we are having a Silent Auction again. This auction will help us raise some additional funds that we need to continue to bring in the internationally known photography educators that we have been fortunate to have for the last 3 years.

If you have any photography-related items (equipment, books, prints, etc.) you would like to donate, please contact me. You can get them to me prior to Dec 4th or let me know what you are bringing on Dec 4th and we will reserve a spot.

Whether you donate an item or not, we hope you will bid on an item or items in the silent auction.

Be sure to get your free ticket when you arrive for our Annual Raffle.

Please join us for an afternoon of fun, food, fellowship, and photo sharing!

If you have any questions, please let me know at

Lynn Wiezycki



Special Presentation – October Education Night – “The Magic of Blue Hour” presented by Jennifer Renwick

Please join us for a special presentation for our October Education Night, Thursday, 10/27/2022. Our guest speaker will be Jennifer Renwick. Her presentation will be “The Magic of Blue Hour”.

Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer is a full-time nature photographer based in Golden, Colorado. She travels the American West with her partner, fellow photographer, David Kingham, in a travel trailer, teaching photography workshops in various National Parks and wilderness areas. While she photographs the landscape, she has a particular interest in photographing natural abstracts and smaller scenes. 
Her work has been featured in various photography magazines, including Landscape Photography Magazine, On Landscape, and Lenswork’s “Seeing in Sixes” photography books.


Summary of the Presentation

The Magic of Blue Hour  

Before the sun rises or sets, the landscape becomes a palette of soft colors and quiet shadows. Many new opportunities come to light during twilight, allowing you the time to maximize your photography outings. In this presentation, Jennifer will talk about her experiences photographing during twilight, go over subjects that lend themselves well to the blue hour, camera settings to capture the magic of twilight, and more!

Some Sample Images

Wildflowers bloom along the washes in the badlands during blue hour.

Who Should Attend

If you shoot or might shoot during the twilight/blue hour, which can be fleeting and tricky, this is for you! Blue hour is one of the most beautiful times to shoot. Jennifer will be showing primarily landscapes including that genre’s more intimate side, but these ideas will apply to other types of outdoor photography, as well.

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 10/27/2022.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

I hope to see you at our Exhibit/Comment Night on 10/20/2022 and at our Education Night on 10/27/2022, for this special presentation.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC President