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Pics From the Bike Ride

Thanks to all who came out to ride and shoot on Saturday. Here are some of my pics from the day. Use this link to get my email address and send any of your own pics: http://tinyurl.com/2czl4u6

All TBCC members are invited to join Jim Sykes for a bike riding and photography event

When: 11/20/10    9:00 am

Where: Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

Details: Bring your bicycle, a backpack with lunch, and your camera. We will meet at John B Sergeant Sr. Park and take advantage of photo opportunities in the park and then we will ride the Old Fort King Trail taking photos along the way to Dead River Park where we can pick a spot for lunch and take more photos before returning back to our starting point. Expect to ride a total of around 5-6 miles out and the same distance back on a combination of paved and unpaved trails. In addition to lunch and camera gear you may wish to bring some insect repellent and plenty of water. Information about the location can be found here:


This information is cross-posted on the TBCC Photo Opportunities page.