May Education Night – Special Presentation – “7 Secrets of Outstanding Telephoto Landscapes” by Joshua Cripps

You are invited to a special presentation to get you ready for our July assignment, Telephoto Landscapes, and make your future landscape images so much better!

Presentation Summary

“7 Secrets of Outstanding Telephoto Landscapes”

Ask a random photographer what lens to use for landscape photography and 90% of the time
they will answer, “a wide-angle, duh!!” Wide-angle lenses and landscapes are so closely
connected it sometimes feels like “thou shalt use a wide angle” is the first commandment
handed down from the landscape photography gods.
But in my opinion, the BEST lens for landscapes is actually the telephoto! What?! Heresy!! I
know, I know…
You see, photography is all about telling visual stories. And every complete story needs to do at
least three things:

  1. Establish the environment.
  2. Provide storytelling moments that showcase what unique things happen at a place.
  3. Show intimate details about the subjects/places/things in your story to help your viewers
    understand the place more deeply.

Telephoto lenses can do all of these things, and they are particularly good at numbers 2 & 3.
Which means telephoto lenses allow you to be a clearer, more personally expressive
storyteller since the specific moments and details you notice are very likely to be unique to you
and you alone.
However, shooting landscapes with a telephoto lens is extremely challenging. There are
compositional challenges, technical challenges, and visualization challenges, just to name a
few. But fear not. In this talk, I will cover 7 secrets that will allow you to harness the power of your
telephoto in order to tell more effective visual stories and become a more complete

Joshua’s Bio

Joshua Cripps is a wilderness landscape photographer who has garnered widespread acclaim
for his strong compositional style and dramatic use of light and color. His images have been
published by National Geographic, NASA, CNN, BBC, Nikon, Outdoor Photographer Magazine,
and many others. He is one of today’s most sought-after photography educators, speaking at
conferences and leading photo tours in North and South America, Europe, and the Pacific.
Josh grew up in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada and has been exploring the Range of
Light for most of his life. Since 2015 Josh has made his home in the Eastern Sierra, one of the
most spectacular and photogenic mountain landscapes in the world.
In 2023, Josh founded The Mount Whitney Gallery as a way to share his passion for the
stunning landscapes of the Sierra Nevada and beyond. Located at the base of stunning Mount
Whitney in the small town of Lone Pine, California, the gallery features fine art prints of Josh’s
signature photographs. The gallery also serves as a classroom where Josh teaches other
photographers how to capture their own spectacular photos.

A Few Examples of Joshua’s Art

Who Should Attend

If you shoot landscapes (which is pretty much all of us!) then this presentation will help you narrow your point of view. This seems counter-intuitive but believe me, I shot landscapes with an 80-200mm lens for many years. I still use my 70-200mm lens a lot. I needed that very narrow view to start to see the landscape in smaller bits. Now I am much better at using my wide-angle lenses and eliminating what the telephoto lens did for me.

I have had Joshua as an instructor, in-person and online. He is a dynamic teacher and an amazing photographer and he knows more about PhotoPills than anyone else I know!

How to Attend

We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2023) members a few days prior to 05/25/2023.

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Exhibit/Comments Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

I hope to see you at our Exhibit/Comment Night on 05/18/2023 and at our Education Night on 05/25/2023, for this special presentation.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC President

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