Timelapse Photography – Presentation by Jim Sykes for our September Education Night

TBCC has always been about still images, but those expensive cameras we all have, as well as our phones, are all capable of so much more!

Video is becoming more and more mainstream. Timelapse photography is a combination of a long series of still photos made into a video, so this is a step up from say, a slideshow. It is a bit of a process but not quite as involved as processing true video. So consider this a stepping stone to videography, which we may address in future education nights.

Join us on Thursday, September 22, 2022, as our own Jim Sykes will share his knowledge of this interesting and fun side of photography.

Summary of Material to be Covered

Timelapse vs hyperlapse

Cameras and accessories

Camera settings

Importing and processing files

Adding a soundtrack

Exporting/rendering video

Alternative camera options

There will be plenty of time for questions, as well.

Why Attend

Timelapse is a lot of fun to create! It is an interesting addition to your bag of photography tricks that not everyone does. This is another form of creative play that can get us out of a photography rut! OH! And we just might have “timelapse” as an Assignment sometime in the future! Hint Hint!

We are all about getting everyone to use their expensive piece of electronics in as many ways as they can!

How to Attend

I will send out a Zoom Link to all members on Tuesday, Sept 20th.

If you are not a member and would like to see what TBCC is all about, please send an email to mytbcc@gmail.com with the Subject: Request Meeting Zoom Link and the date.

Hope to see everyone at our next Exhibit/Comment Night on Thursday, Sept 15, and this Education Night on Thursday, Sept 22nd.

Lynn W.

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