Competition Subjects 2020

January – Patterns. Create an interesting composition that features  one or more repetitive patterns.

February – Symmetry. Show symmetry in your composition.

March – My Pet, My Friend. Highlight the interaction and relationships between people and their pets.

April – The Unknown. Present an image that engages the viewer in a mystery.

May – Into the Distance. Show an interesting scene that is composed with a visually distinct vanishing point.

June – Odd Couples. Present an image with non-complementary subject elements.

July – Home Town Pride. Submit an image that showcases something special that residents would be proud of as a representation of their community.

August – Abstract. Present an interesting image that is not immediately recognizable to the viewer as depicting a particular object or scene.

September – Framed.  Compose a scene in which all or some of the important subject matter is seen through another element of the composition.

October – Superstition. Create imagery that represents the concepts, elements, or practice related to a superstitious belief.

November – Window Shopping. Make creative use of windows in a composition.


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