Photo Competition Assignments 2019

Jan – Unusual Angle of View
Create interesting images of any subjects from an unusual camera. Low angle, high angle, tilted camera angle, etc.

Feb – Patterns
Create interesting images that are based on visual repetition of subject elements.

Mar – Backlighting
Create images with strong visual impact where the subjects are very obviously illuminated from behind by a strong light source

Apr – Night Sky
Create compelling images using the night sky as the primary subject element. The night sky should not be secondary or incidental to the images.

May – Simplify/Minimalism
Create impactful images utilizing a single element as the subject while eliminating or minimizing other visual elements within the scene.

Jun – Bridges
Create well-composed images using either entire bridges or visually interesting portions of their structure.

Jul – Dance
Create artistic images that represent the beauty and motion of the art of dance.

Aug – Lens Flare
Create well-composed images of any subject that is visually enhanced by any of the many forms of lens flare that can occur when light from a strong source strikes the front element of a camera lens.

Sep – Bokeh
Create interesting images of any subject that is visually enhanced by having an obviously very out-of-focus background.

Oct – Reflections
Create compelling images where the primary subject is reflected on any surface or is strongly visually supported by reflections.

Nov – Moving Water/Liquid
Create interesting images where the primary subject is any form of moving liquid with the artistic goal being to specifically show the motion of the liquid in an interesting way.

Technical Meetings that are scheduled as of now are:

January 25thTechnical Meeting – How to make a Blurb book

February 23rd Technical Meeting – Saturday morning photo scavenger hunt at Hillsborough River State Park. Arrive by 9:45 am latest, event starts at 10:00 am. Additional details to be announced.

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