2017 Competition

2017 Competition Assignments:

This list is also permanently located at: https://mytbcc.com/about/

January – Doorways (Present a photo that shows a literal or figurative doorway.)
February – Domestic Animals (A domestic animal is an animal that is bred and/or lives in a tame condition as a pet, a work animal, or a food source.)
March – Shadows (Present an image that utilizes shadows in a prominent manner.)
April – Cars
May – Music (Create an image that visually conveys the concept of music.)
June – Science (Present an image that conveys the concept of science or highlights scientific phenomena or paraphernalia as the subject.)
July – Glass (The subject matter should be made of glass.)
August – Weather (Present an image highlighting weather phenomena.)
September – Falling Up (Present an image that illustrates the concept of falling away from the ground.)
October – Culture (Present a photo that is representative of the beliefs, rituals, customs, arts, attitudes, etc., of a particular society, organization, group, location, or era in time.)
November – Environmental Portrait (Present a portrait of person taken in a location that illuminates an aspect of that persons life that you wish to highlight.)

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