Upcoming meetings

The subject of our next competition night on August 19th will be “Emulate the Masters. Your task is to photographically recreate a work of art by an acknowledged master in any visual medium. Remember that you must bring in a photo of the original work that you are emulating. Please title your own image to match that of the original and append a hyphen and the letter “A” (for Assigned) to the end. Title the photo of the original identically except substitute the letter “O” (for Original) after the hyphen. Example: Mona Lisa-A, Mona Lisa-O. You will be given 2 scores. Your own image will be shown first and given a score per our usual judging standards. The original will then be presented alongside your version and another score will be awarded based on how closely you recreated the original work.

The technical night subject matter on the 4th Friday in August will be HDR with presentations on 2 different processing methods being given by Robert Rostick and Lynn Wiezycki.

The 3rd Friday in September will be food photography. A few samples from our technical night live demonstration are shown below to jog your mem0ry about lighting techniques and other considerations.

The 4th Friday in September will be our RAW file exchange presentation night. Please bring in 3 RAW files (not jpg or tif) no later than the 4th Friday in August. Jim will distribute a RAW file to each participant for processing and also notify each participant which of their own RAW files they need to process. Process the file of your own that gets distributed and the file that is distributed to you. Export or save them as jpg files and bring them in on the 4th Friday in September for presentation. It is very important that you do not rename any of the files. This will aid us in keeping them together for comparison during the presentation. This is a fun exercise in comparing different artistic visions and processing techniques using the same image as a reference.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming meetings

  1. Have missed you guys and gals. Working on refurbishing a disaster foreclosure condo I bought. WARNING… Check your attic steps, 7 weeks, I was going into attic when the steps failed, dropping me 9 feet to the floor. Landed on back.. Broke 4 ribs, and bruised a lot of muscle and tendon tissue… could have been a lot worse!! Back at working on the Condo.

  2. Don,
    Sorry to hear about your accident. We have missed you at the camera club. Hope you are feeling better and looking forward to seeing again when you can come out to a meeting.

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