SDL Workshop

SDL Off-Camera Flash Bootcamp
Sunday, May 1
, 2016
AM – 4:00 PM
Canvas Zoo / Menaul Fine Art Printing
1750 N Hercules Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33765

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Being successful as a photographer requires a working understanding of light and how to control it. This is why SDL Workshops is hosting this Off-Camera Flash Bootcamp in it’s lineup of workshops offered in the Tampa Bay area. If you are new to the field and want to learn about off-camera flash or if you are struggling with particular elements of off-camera flash techniques then this workshop is definitely for you.

This workshop builds on the principles taught in our first session and will provide participants with a working understanding of the basic lighting patterns for portraiture and how to easily create them with simple off-camera flash equipment. Lots of tips and techniques will be demonstrated and you will see a few cool tricks as well.

Additionally this workshop will cover the use of colored gels with your flash for color correction, special effects, and light output control. During the demonstration portion of this workshop the instructors will shoot live-tehered to to a projection system so that participants can easily see in-camera results in real-time.

This workshop is a step up in level from our last one so it is an ideal learning continuation for prior participants and is also well suited for photographers at an intermediate level who wish to advance their creativity. As always, this will be a hands-on workshop with live models. You will be expected to bring your own equipment with you so that we can help you with your specific needs and you can learn techniques using your own gear.

Robert Rostick and JR Sykes, professional commercial photographers, will walk you through lighting techniques that will help you produce high end images for you and your clients.

This workshop will feature demonstrations as well as hands-on shooting with your gear. We will start promptly at 10:00AM and there will be a lunch break at 12:30 PM. The workshop will resume at 1:30 and continue until we complete the teaching itinerary and answer all your questions. Light refreshments will be available during the workshop and you will be on your own during the lunch break. There are restaurants in the vicinity of the workshop location and there is a refrigerator available if you choose to bring your own lunch.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of exposure and be comfortable operating a camera in manual exposure mode. Attendees should have a working knowledge of how to trigger their flash and adjust it’s power level.

This workshop is open to a maximum 35 participants.  The fee is $54.


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