Upcoming Meeting 03-25-2014 Topic

Tony's Presentation

Tony’s Presentation

Club member Tony Gomes will be giving a presentation regarding achieving sharpness in images and will be covering several aspects of sharpness. Read the following message from Tony:

Getting a sharp picture what does it take.
2 months ago I was at Circle B Bar reserve in Lakeland and I ran into a group of people that included a middle aged lady with a Nikon D800 Camera and the new Nikon 80-400 AFS VR zoom lens. I asked her how she liked her equipment and her reply was it would be great if she could get a sharp picture out of it and she was planning to send it back. This is a $6000 combo and she was disappointed. I tried explaining Autofocus micro adjust and lens -Body tolerances. She shrugged me off suspiciously saying she never heard about that.
I know that pain, having struggled with my own equipment for years. Returning them to Nikon and getting them back in the same state, that is Nikon saying that they are within specs.
My talk is aimed at preventing people from having similar bad experiences.
However our perception of sharpness varies with our photographic development and the size of enlargement that we make.
I would like to walk you through the factors that contribute to a sharp picture.
Having said that if you look at National Geographic 100 most important pictures. Most of them are out of focus.

Please read up on : AF micro adjust, MTF charts, Focal plane, Chromatic aberrations, Vibration reduction, Predictive AF, Autofocus by phase adjust, autofocus by contrast adjust. Camera shake. Focus Shift, field curvature, lens resolution, lens contrast, Dot gain by printers, Diffraction, noise as a sharpening tool, Deconvoling technology.
See you on March28.
Please note this is to be an interactive discussion.

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