Information for those that signed up to photograph the Mud Endeavor

Hello to everyone who signed up to photograph the event,
I toured the venue for the Mud Endeavor today and here are some important things for the photographers to know:
The address is 10444 Beggs Ln, Brooksville, FL 34601.
Your name will be on a list at the entrance for you to be admitted.
Follow the signs for parking and meet at the registration table no later than 7:30 AM.
You will be assigned a station at the 7:30 photographers briefing. A few stations are within walking distance. Those assigned to farther stations will be transported out and back by ATV. Many of you will have the opportunity to rotate stations with other photographers during the course of the day.
You will be issued a vest that identifies you as an official photographer with all-access.
There has been rain recently so everything is especially wet and slippery.
The terrain is rugged and muddy. You and your vehicle will probably get dirty.
Wear appropriate clothing and shoes and bring more to change into at the end.
There are very slippery uphill and downhill slopes – be extremely  cautious to avoid falling down with camera gear. I speak from firsthand experience. On the very first slope I walked up during my tour I only made it 3 steps before doing a face-plant in the mud.
Bring whatever you need with you when you go to your station. You won’t be coming back until the end of the event sometime in the mid-afternoon. Some suggestions: water, snacks, hat, sunscreen, toilet tissue, extra camera batteries, memory cards, etc.
If you take it out, you bring it back. Leave nothing on the course or in the woods.
Use a Sharpie marker to put your initials on your memory cards and bring at least 2 per camera. Shoot and turn in JPG files only, no RAW files!
Halfway through the event a runner will collect your memory cards and you will start using fresh cards.
You will return to the finish area at the end of the event with your memory cards from the second half to be downloaded. You will turn in your vest at this time as well.
All of your cards will be returned with your files on them. Remember that you and the event promoter have mutual, non-exclusive rights to the images. You can do whatever you want with the images as can the promoter. The main intent is to provide participants with souvenir images from their day at the event. The event promoter might use some images for promotional or any other use.
There will be food and drink vendors at the registration/start/finish area. You may be able to get something to eat and drink before and after the event. Remember to carry your lunch/snacks/drinks out with you to your assigned station.
My phone works on-site, use the number below to contact me if necessary.
Thanks  – Jim S

5 thoughts on “Information for those that signed up to photograph the Mud Endeavor

  1. I suggest that you bring it with you and make a decision for yourself once you are on-site. If you feel comfortable using it there that day then you might be assigned roaming photographer status. I’m not familiar with your bicycle or your riding abilities so I am leaving the decision up to you.

  2. Jim, Okay if I bring my 15 pound dog? I don’t have a place to leave him. Rob Glazier[image.jpeg]

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  3. Rob,

    I responded to your question via email.


    i assume you meant to say that you will not be able to attend? If so, thanks for the advance notice so that we can plan accordingly for the assignments.

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