Bill Gerhes

On Saturday, April 23rd our Vice President Bill Gerhes passed away. He genuinely cared about the welfare of our organization and its members and was a good personal friend to many. His service, dedication, friendliness, and his photography will be missed. Our prayers and condolences go out to his wife Diane and the rest of his family.

7 thoughts on “Bill Gerhes

  1. I would like to thank all of you at the Tampa Bay Camera Club for being such good friends to my father. I know the club was a big part of his last few years and it gave him so much joy. It gave him a chance to enjoy his passion in photgaphy and on his behalf I would like to thank you for being his friends. Peace be with you.

  2. John, We also wanted to thank you and your family for being present and sharing our memorial service for your Dad and our friend. I’m sure Bill was near by and pleased to be able to share the different parts of his life with all the people he cared about.

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