Help Portrait Day

Are you interested in using your photographic skills to give back to the community this holiday season? If so, then considering volunteering for Help Portrait Day. The concept is simple: On or around December 4th take portraits of anyone you feel could use your service but may not be able to afford it. Edit, print ,and deliver the work. That’s it. You can volunteer to be part of a group that’s taking part or simply do it on your own for someone you know in need. It’s not a contest, there is no need to display your work anywhere. Just put your skills to use to help someone out.

I am volunteering to work with a group that is helping people in a rehab program. I know other groups that are looking for help with taking photos, editing photos, or printing photos. I can put you in touch with others who are taking part or you can find out all the info for yourself by following the link on our TBCC Photo Opportunities page.

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