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2nd Saturday Video and Field Trip

On Saturday, September 12th we will present a video as usual at tRG studio. Subject is yet to be determined as of this posting. Keep an eye out for an email from Chris Volf regarding details as they become available.

Michael Stephenson has arranged a field trip for us at the Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery. Starting that afternoon at 3:30 and until closing we will be able to tour the facility, Take photos, and sample and purchase products. Be aware that the owners have asked us to wait until 3:30 to arrive because they will have another group on the premises prior to that time.

Many of us have decided that we will go together as a group for a long lunch somewhere in between the video and the field trip. Location is yet to be determined.

Mark your calendar and join us for a full day of fun and photography!
17810 Forge Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34610
(352) 799-7612


July 24, 2015

Those of you who did not attend the meeting tonight, missed a good one.  We had two guests who want to become members (welcome) and there was insightful, enlightening and funny exchanges about processing technique differences.  This evening it was decided, that we must do this again.  A couple of the images are still on Brian’s computer, I think.  Apologies to those, whose images don’t appear here.  You get the idea, however.

A couple of lessons for next time:

1. Jim had the right idea by adding his initials to the end of the file name of the photograph he processed.  We should add that requirement next time.

2.  Word Press does not recognize tif files, therefore, the only format we will use for this assignment next time will be jpg.

3.  DO NOT change the title of the image.

Thank you for your participation.  And thanks, Robert, for the suggestion.


Just a reminder that this week we are doing something a little different.  Please bring 3 RAW images to competition night, in addition to your Night Sky entries.  Notice I said RAW.  RAW would be untouched in any way.  No processing of any kind.  And obviously, no jpegs.  RAW.  Ok, enough of that.

This week Robert will be in Colorado, therefore, we will need two judges to work with Jim Sykes.  Sure would be nice to have a couple of volunteers.

By the way, if you want to be added or removed from our google group, please let me know.  Thanks for participating.


Sun City Camera Club – June 9th – Meet and Greet

6/7/2015.  TBCC members, We are going to visit another camera club on June 9th for a 6:30 meeting start. Sun City Camera club would like us to get there early say around 5:30 to meet and greet.
The competition starts promptly at 6:30p.

The address of 945 N Course Lane, Sun City, Florida  33573 and it came up with a very close location to the Sun City Center Atrium Building.

Reminder – No meeting, Friday, April 24, 2015

April 19, 2015

Just a reminder to the group, that there will be no meeting on Friday, April 24, 2015.  Our regular schedule will resume next month.  Since next month’s topic will be a bit unusual from our norm, the extra time will come in handy to work on your competition entry.  The topic next month is, “Fairy Tale Gone Bad”.  Get those imaginations firing on all cylinders and wow everyone!

Night Photography Event

Please note that we are changing the date of the event due to the bad weather forecast. We will not be meeting on the 23rd. We will meet instead on Friday, January 30th.

We will meet at Hillsborough River State Park:
15402 U.S. 301 North, Thonotosassa, FL 33592

We will meet in the parking area by the swimming pool. You need to be in the park before the gate closes at sunset. These are the park fees:

$6.00 per vehicle. Limit 2-8 people per vehicle.

$4.00 Single Occupant Vehicle.

$2.00 Pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.

$60.00 per bus load of people or $2.00 per person, whichever is less.

At 7:00 PM we will carpool in a few vehicles from the swimming pool parking lot to parking area 5. That is where we will have our meeting. Parking area 5 only accommodates 5-6 vehicles.

We will discuss various techniques and tips for night and astro photography and then we will set up our gear and start shooting. In addition to the recommended equipment listed below you may wish to bring food and drinks for the evening.

Recommended equipment:
Lenses – any focal length
Cable release or remote release
Flashlight or headlamp, preferably with red night vision option
Insect repellent – DEET free if possible
Appropriate clothing to walk in the woods and possibly on wet ground

2014 Competition Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 winners!

In AA division first place goes to Lynn Wiezycki, second place goes to Curtis Frey, and third place is awarded to Fred Keating. In A division first place goes to Fang Shen. There were no qualifiers for second or third place in this division this year. Here is the final results score sheet Portrait Without A Face special competition results Your participation is appreciated and we are looking forward to a fun 2015!

Sign up for the Roller Derby field trip

There will be no meeting at tRG studio this upcoming Friday the 26th of September. This is our field trip month and those who are interested can attend our outing on Saturday the 27th. The bout takes place at Downtown Skate in Temple Terrace.

As long as a minimum 9 people sign up using the form below then the payment amount is only $9 (regular admission is $15). They will also reserve front row seating for us. We have been advised that it will easiest to accommodate us as a group if we arrive by 7:30 and come inside together. Parking is difficult there. It is suggested that you park across the street. I am now an official league photographer and will be there early. I will meet everyone outside at 7:30 You will be given wristbands that will allow re-entry if necessary and will be color coded to indicate if you are of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The bout starts at 8:00 PM and will last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. (Cigar City Mafia vs. Switchblade Sisters) The lighting is not bright and is fluorescent. Be prepared to use high ISO ratings in order to achieve action-stopping shutter speeds when shooting. Be prepared to set a custom white balance if you shoot jpg. (Note: I typically shoot about a third of my exposures in black and white and I also experiment a lot with panning and motion blur shots when I’m there.) You will be able to shoot from your seat in the front row or you may move down to the suicide seating area at your own risk. You cannot stand in the suicide seating area and you must be prepared to occasionally get out of the way quickly if you choose to sit there and shoot. You will want to shoot with medium wide to medium telephoto length lenses to frame the action depending on the distance of the skaters as they progress around the rink.

Please sign up using the form below only if you are sure you will be attending. Make sure you sign up by midnight on Wednesday September 24th. I will use the list to make a payment to the league for our group. Please bring your $9 to the rink on Saturday to reimburse me.

League information:
Basic summary of roller derby rules:

We are invited to be guests at the Suncoast Camera Club meeting on October 7th

The meeting will be at the Safety Harbor Public Library
101 2nd Street North
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Please sign up using this form if you plan to attend so that we can provide them with the courtesy of knowing how many guests to expect:

Photo Booth

At our 4th Friday meeting in April Michael Stephenson gave us a presentation on how to setup an easy and fun photo booth for events. We had plenty of fun playing around with the setup. Here are some of the photos we took while testing out the setup: