Astrophotography – Presentation by Barry Ollikkala and Jim Sykes – February Education Night

We have all seen those great images of the moon and the Milky Way. Some of us have had the opportunity to try our hand at it. Now, Barry and Jim are coming together to give us some of the basic knowledge and techniques to get us all out there shooting the night sky. Join us for a Zoom presentation on Friday, February 25, 2022 at 7 PM.

Multiple Sky Features by Jim Sykes

Our Presenters

Barry Ollikkala, a recent new member of TBCC, is a professional astrophotographer and has taught astrophotography on the university level.

Jim Sykes has been shooting the night sky for quite a while but has recently been shooting it using a star tracker to get even more accurate images of the Milky Way and other night sky features.

Milky Way by Jim Sykes

Presentation Summary

Barry and Jim will give us some of the basics of astrophotography, ie: equipment, finding your subject, how to expose for your subject, and some post-processing) and then get into some details on shooting the moon (see Barry’s Image above ) and using night sky time exposures to get images of the Milky Way, stars, constellations, and galaxies.

Don’t be afraid of that long word, astrophotography. You can get some great images with some basic knowledge, your camera on a tripod, and a telephoto or wide-angle lens! Jim and Barry will get you out there shooting the night sky!

Meteor by Jim Sykes


We will send the Zoom invitation to all current (2022) members a few days prior to 02/25/2022. If you have not renewed for 2022, please click on this link to complete the renewal info and pay your dues:

Non -Members – If you are interested in joining us to see what we are all about, we will send you a Zoom Invitation for our Competition Night only. Please send your Name and Email address with the Subject line “Zoom Invite Needed for MEETING on (appropriate date)” to so we can get the invitation to you.

We are all fascinated by the night sky, so sit back and see some beautiful images of the night sky! Jim and Barry will be happy to answer any of your questions. We will be recording this presentation so please just watch, don’t take notes! You can go back and review it as many times as you need.

This presentation is to get you ready for a possible special TBCC outing later this year! So listen, enjoy, and learn about astrophotography.

Hope to see you at our Competition Night on Feb 18th and for this Education Night on February 25th.

Lynn Wiezycki, TBCC Pres

M31 Galaxy by Barry Ollikkala (this is advanced astrophotography using stacking – maybe a subject for a future Education Night)

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