August Update

Our first live broadcast of a meeting is now available below for re-playing. There was a technical glitch at some point during the print competition. The studio’s internet router shut down without anyone noticing. The router was reset during our intermission and the digital competition was broadcast as part 2. FYI during the beginning of the meeting when private club business was being discussed the audio was muted. Don’t be concerned if you hear no sound for several minutes during part 1. The videos have now been edited to remove “dead air” and audio anomalies. The competition scores have been recorded and up-to-date results are available now.

Elections: Election of officers for a new 2-year term will take place in October. Now is the time to consider if you want to run or nominate someone for a position.

Holiday Party: We will continue with our tradition of a pot-luck style holiday party this year, however we have outgrown the space available at tRG studio. If anyone has any suggestions for a larger space that we can make use of we would like to hear your suggestions.

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