Holiday Party Meeting Update

It’s getting close to the meeting date! Remember to bring a print to hang. Loose prints are fine – no holes will be put in your prints. If you have an idea about what you will bringing – food, snacks, drinks, etc, please use this link to get my email address and send me a quick note. Myself and a few other directors will wait to see if it appears as though we are coming up short on any items and we will fill in the gaps. The club will be providing tableware, cups, ice, etc. If you will be attending the Saturday Video Series you can let me know then if you choose. – Jim

One thought on “Holiday Party Meeting Update

  1. I emailed you before I read this because I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to do for the party, I will look later today and see which photo I will print out and I will probably bring in some type of food tomorrow.

    Ps. I have my printer set up so, I should be able to print out something today, I will probably do it soon to give the photo some time to dry or, I might use Matte paper.

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