Competition Images

March 2019 – Backlighting

March 2019 – General

February 2019 – Patterns

February 2019 – General

January – Unusual Angle of View

JANUARY 2019- General

November – City life (Present images that evoke the lifestyle associated with people that reside in urban environments.)

November 2016- General

October – Silhouette (Present images of subjects rendered as dark shapes without discernible detail against a lighter background.)

October 2018 – General

September – Competitive events (Present images of activities that are of a competitive nature.)

October 2018 – General

August – Children (Present candid or posed images of children.)

August 2018 – General

July – Nautical (Present images of  subjects that relate to sailors, boating, maritime navigation, etc.)

July 2018 – General