The Sunflowers 🌻 are Blooming! Outing at a Sunflower Field, Saturday, April 29, 2023


The sunflowers🌻, in many varieties, are blooming! So, it is last-minute outing time! Saturday, April 29, 2023, at 8 AM, we will meet at Three Son Farms on 3830 McIntosh Rd, Dover (map below) to have some fun in the flower field! This is one hour before their normal opening time so please thank them for letting us in early to get the earlier light!

They charge photographers $25 each to shoot this year but we have once again gotten a good deal. The group fee is $100 so the cost per person will depend on the number of people who show up!

Since last year they have moved the produce stand into the large barn that they were building last year. There is a lot more produce. Plus they are serving all kinds of goodies, ie, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. as they added a kitchen.

There are many picnic tables and a bar where you can sit and look out at the flower field.

We want them to continue to plant the flowers every year so please purchase some produce. It is the best! I buy from them weekly while they are open.

The field is planted in rows this year (like a strawberry field) so getting around in it will be a bit easier. They planted at least 7 varieties of sunflowers. Note: The zinnias may not be blooming yet as they have been affected by the lack of rain (which is good for the sunflowers as a lot of rain ruins the blooms)!

RAIN! If it happens to rain we will still have the outing…last year it rained just as we arrived and we had some wonderful drops on the flowers to add to the beauty of the flowers. So, be prepared to get dirty and possibly muddy, and bring rain gear just in case!

Bring your macro lens, a small scrim/reflector, and a wide angle for full-field shots. Your phone can make some great images as well!

Afterward, we will go get an early lunch at a local taco place!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Hope to see you all there!

Lynn W.

Here are a few iPhone images I took on April 20 in some very bad light! The field will be quite different on 4/29.

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