TBCC Technical Meeting – Friday July 24th at 7:00 pm

Here are the notes from the presentation:

Lightroom – Cloud Centric Ecosystem Notes

CC can run on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and there is a web version
Any images imported directly into CC sync full size to the cloud and count against your space
If you have desktop LRC synced to CC a full size copy goes there also
Location (target folder) can be specified in LRC preferences on LR sync tab

Only one catalog can be synced from LRC to CC
Any images synced from LRC to CC go as a smart preview to the cloud and all mobile devices
Smart previews are fully editable on any of the mobile devices
They take up only 2% of the space of an equivalent RAW file
High enough resolution to be printed up to 12×18
Images synced from LRC to CC do not count against your space
Star ratings sync both ways
Titles and captions sync both ways
There are no color labels in CC
Keywords sync the first time between platforms but subsequent changes to them do not
Images in CC are automatically tagged with keywords by Adobe Sensei AI
The Sensei generated keywords are invisible and are used for the search function

Making unlimited photos available in the CC ecosystem without using any of your allotted cloud storage space:

Enable “Auto Add” in Preferences on mobile device
Setup a target import album in CC on mobile device
Take a picture with the phone camera
Full res image resides in the target album in the entire CC ecosystem (counts against space)
Go to the target folder in LRC and see that the full res image has synced there
Go to “All Synced Photographs” collection at top of panel on left side of LRC
Locate the image and remove it – ignore the scary warning
Full res image is gone from the CC ecosystem and the space is freed up
Full res image still exists on desktop hard drive in the sync target folder
Add the image from that folder to any synced collection in LRC
Smart preview version populates throughout the CC ecosystem (does not count against space)
Image is now available on all devices without counting against your allotted storage space

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